wow.. talk about underwhelming start

So yeah… that title says it all. I have a ton of topics to write about but I’m terrible at taking notes on my projects so far. To sum the projects up, I’m currently working on:

– Installing and configuring a hardened docker environment
– Familiarizing myself with Git CLI and github workflows
(even got contrib status on a couple repo’s while I’m learning!)
– Converting my life to Linux finally

All of these will eventually be feature posts for your enjoyment and I’m expecting to have some downtime come the new year. December 19th I take my CySA+ exam, then Christmas and New Years, so most likely the first substantial post will come in January. I do plan on updating with results/lessons learned from the CySA+ though so check back for that update! Have a great holiday season no matter what your flavor of belief is. Stay safe, watch your back because no one else will.