baby steps

Whelp. It’s been a while since I… ahem… started this journey.

Initially, this was going to be a brain dump of dad life, random infosec bits, and a smattering of walk-throughs. It may still end up being all of that, But for now, we’ll start with a tiny introduction alongside a what-to-expect.

I’m Dan. A father. A student. An infosec professional. I have a smattering of the alphabet behind my name, most recently, my CISSP. By day, I’m a cybersecurity analyst. By night, a millennial raccoon glued to a new pet project or dead asleep. Most recently, I’ve been pushing myself to better understand container security and devsecops. I’ve always had a passion for coding but never really put too much effort into following it until now. I said “tiny” so I’ll stop there.

Dark humor and adhd randomized content will follow! Working on the first real post, so stay tuned!